the sun rose early - axel/roxas, for joey

zawehzaweh wanted Axel doing Roxas’s makeup and. it’s been months since ive written anything and eons since i’ve written axel/roxas but. Here IT is:


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Jiraiya takes one look through the door of the shop, spots Naruto’s new shoes, and buries his face in his hands. Kakashi probably smiles. He might have also winced. 

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What The Hell Was With The Bird Subplot in the Draco Trilogy, Anyway, It’s Been So Long I Can’t Remember

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It’s very late—early, really. Luna is in her room, finally asleep, worn out from grief. Harry had not expected to stand sentinel with Draco Malfoy as she threw Xenophilius’s ashes into the field, had not expected to share a look with him behind Luna’s wildly blowing hair, their hands tight around each of hers, but it has been a long, draining day, and Harry finds his throat dry and unusable, awkward, as he tries to tell Malfoy he’ll go home, now. 

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I’m attempting to write these sex snapshots from the Brave as a Noun ‘verse, which is potentially ill advised because Harry is grey-A in that and the lack of context could be upsetting I guess? I’ve made a note about this at the end of the fic, so if you are wary you can check that out first. Warning for grey-Ace character participating in sex, and barfing (unrelated to sex). I can’t think of what else to warn for but if you catch something please let me know! I wasn’t originally going to post this until I’d finished the whole thing but I am proud of it and wanted to share.

Warnings: Adolescent Pining & Underage Drinking. Pansy Parkinson POV. I needed to write this b/c I told Marina that this happened and then I couldn’t stop thinking about it. 

here i will paste a bit of it:

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a curse:

  • that you invite me into all your hidden places, the debt owed by your occupation of my health.
  • that my memory may ruin the safe places you shared as guilty penance.
  • that you be forced to vacate yourself, as i did
  • and start fresh, raw and unprotected in flesh and heart.

?????bad starts

a pair of inception fanfiction i started and never finished, i guess

(warning one of them was going to be porn)

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