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happy belated birthday draco malfoy


harry and draco do the marriage spell themselves, which is ILLEGAL?? but its harry potter and draco malfoy, literally who is going to bother arresting either of them. draco sends his friends a letter. “im a newlywed. please send expensive gifts”

see i knew i could count on you to tell me the correct way to do drarry weddings!! ‘please send expensive gifts’ does he send this on fancy wedding-type stationary or is it just several scribbled notes?

he just sends a piece of parchment. harry might have scribbled someones mobile phone number on the back of it. nbd. molly weasley gets really upset tho bc she didnt get to celebrate w/ harry and she aggressively plans a HUGE reception, during which literally everyone is uncomfortable except george and charlie weasley, as molly had insisted on inviting the malfoys and dracos friends. harry and draco are mortified and spend a large part of the evening hiding in rons old room with ginny, pansy, and hermione. they are in their late 20s. they play exploding snap and draco pokes through rons childhood belongings and sneers very quietly for a while.

i need to go to bed omg. DONT GET ME GOING WTF

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