I’ve put up the kaiju tats I used for Newt on Gumroad! They’re free to download, but donations are (as always) terribly appreciated. I would also LOVE to know if you end up using them! Feel free to alter the images as you find need to. Files include both (Yamarashi and Orga) and the cloud designs on separate layers, as well as another layer with the back part of the cloud design. 

FINALLY GOT THESE SUCKERS UP!!!! luv me luv my fake ass plastic wrap cosplay tattoo sleeves


here’s a brief explanation of how joann coupons work:

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costumes Under my bELT, striked ones i made for other people

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im looking thru old cosplay pics and Holy JEEZ i cant believe. i feel like i have not come very far but i absolutely have. these are from 2008-2009ish,

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aaa im the rose in these pics

PPDC report: con was worth attending i guess

hour 12 of tattoo. wtf is happening

day 2. we have a table???

i slept in these and it was fucking weird

here’s a pic of me nairing my arms