"jiust be natural" — not actually newton geiszler

"danger zone" — not actually DOCTOR herman gottlieb

hair and makeup test for being trash at shatterdome atlanta

closet cosplay

closet cosplay


tried on my Sonia stuff to show marc and im STOKED

to tide u over

detailed left 2 do

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hey for interested friends i am PRETTY sure i can get the materials for a pearl (SU) costume for about $30??? more on this later this week, we’re working on becomedog's cos tomorrow.

update on this: can get MATERIALS for less than $30 but i would not take less than $70/$80 for a pearl costume unless u are very very dear 2 me bc its a fucking mathematical nightmare to get it to fit correctly even when the model is present.


top, back, comparison with the other fabrics (ft. the skirt i hecked up on real bad) and then the top from the side. the pattern i ended up with was only 3 pcs!

oops wrong blog„,

prism in faer BRAND NEW pearl kanaya cosplay

need to take in the top a bit and redo the zipper and. we fucked up on the skirt so the one fae is wearing here is the template skirt. BUT WE ARE ALMOST DONE!