happy belated birthday 2 mister h potter

"please stop swooning on me you’re actually very heavy malfoy"

here’s some ravenclaws too

akellos said: what are ur headcanons for hp characters appearances? (like, main characters or ur favorite characters)

this is my golden trio!!! hermione is black (family from eritrea), and harry is mixed-race, white and desi (potters from south india). rons a white boy. i hc hermione a little chubby with a very Pear body type and harry and ron are both weedy twigs until like 5th year. clothes wise hermione wears blouses with rounded collars, patterned turtlenecks, and probably a lot of tourist tee-shirts that she and her parents buy while traveling. harry of course wears dudley hand-me-downs and probably ron hand-me-downs eventually, and ron wears hand-me-downs and a lot of stuff mrs weasley handmakes. 

(harry is probably saying “it was snape” while hermione tries not to shoot him down immediately, she is thinking about her perfect homework scores, ron is about to vehemently agree. it was TOTALLY snape. absolutely.)

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