if u need a new tablet and dont have money for a wacom the monoprice i got last year has held up really well and is still chugging and its on sale. for $37.67. i got mine bc my pen broke for my intuos3 and it was cheaper to get this than to buy a replacement pen, and i have not regretted my purchase at all.

it comes w/ two pens and batteries for the pens, has a reasonably long cord, and is very lightweight. ive been rly happy with mine!! i set hot soup down on it and fucked up the plastic cover last summer but it still works wonderfully and ive never had problems w/ pen pressure. the pen doesnt have an eraser thing like wacom pens do and they DO run on batteries but. i havent had to replace mine in over a year and im still using the first pen and nib.  the grip on the pen is thin and a little slippery? and the plastic base for the tablet isnt solid, so it’s not as hardy as a wacom or w/e but. it’s a good piece of equipment and it is more than worth the money.

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    I have a monoprice tablet, definitely worth it. The first one I got had a factory defect, so I had to send it back to...