"I think about kissing you a lot,” Harry says.

Draco doesn’t respond. Or he does, but with a straightening of his shoulders, and the placement of his feet on the floor.

“I don’t mean about kissing you a lot,” Harry clarifies in the face of Draco’s silence. “I mean I think about kissing you, and I think about it a lot—often. I think about it often. But when I think about it I do do it a lot, the kissing. Sometimes just the one kiss but usually a lot of kisses, all one after another. Some really heavy snogging. I was thinking about it all during dinner, and how there would probably be cheese in your teeth, but I’d do it anyway.”

“There’s never cheese in my teeth,” Draco says. “Malfoys don’t get cheese in their teeth."


Neurotypical more like, Neuro *sighs deeply and shakes head* typical.

life hack


throw it in the ocean

senior show is UP!!!!!

senior show is UP!!!!!

do not test my patience today Tumblr.com

im finding it hard to remove my ass from this couch because i am so frustrated and angry. this after fucking last night and whoever that fucking was wasting my paper, 

new shirt idea “ask me about my pronouns before you start calling me things based on my appearance and conclusions you drew using “logic” fostered and disseminated by cissexist and binarist society but alternately just dont talk to me”

i emailed the dude in charge but

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ok they didn’t actually, they just messed up the spelling so her name doesn’t actually exist really… it’s an irish word, not a name.

if you ask ppl to call you by it its your name and ppl who get shitty about it can jump in a lake