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what happens in it :o

It’s about three college students who are very into videography/film and. record everything basically but it follows them in their everyday, before and after one of the dudes gets bitten by something while they’re hiding from some guy they pissed off. it goes thru him lke. Turning, and figuring out his new monster shit. (it goes very fight-over-this-girl but in the dude vs dude story, she is the winner.) its very found-footagey sam and dean are in it but as supporting characters, and it is one of the only episodes i can think of where the girl doesnt die??? 

supernatural season 8 episode 4, “Bitten,” is REALLY GOOD, you do not have to know whats going on in the show to watch it and i found it super enjoyable??? warnings for shaky camera, gore, and romance. i seriously do not know how this episode got onto this tv show its too good for spn. 


A hair happened!!!
C gave me a super cute cut :>

ive never been more excited about that song 

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what in the fuck does my sister think she’s doing?

god’s work

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